Spending her prize money

Freya’s book tokens arrived - she won £50 in vouchers to spend on books when she won the story writing competition. I’ve never seen someone so excited! Immediately she knew that she wanted to but #drawwithrob books by Rob Biddulph and so spent some time browsing all of the books he has authored and that … Continue reading Spending her prize money

Felicity wants to ‘learn’ too

She is such a pickle! Now that school has commenced again in the Fuller household (we had a forced break thanks to job and houseboat hunting) Felicity wants some of the action! She sees the bigger girls getting one to one attention. If she can’t have that, then she wants screen time! We downloaded a … Continue reading Felicity wants to ‘learn’ too

Identifying flight feathers

While we were searching for materials for our stick men we found a selection of feathers. Freya was classifying the feathers using her knowledge from our ‘Birds’ topic and our ‘Birds of Prey’ topic. She predicted that one of the feathers was a flight feather and wanted to test this theory by dropping it and … Continue reading Identifying flight feathers

Getting ready for school

Freya and I are working on school readiness. Now that we are going to have a UK residence (once the boat purchase goes through) we will be able to register the girls for school. We are struggling, of course, to find a school that meets our expectations.... Wherever we send them will be a change, … Continue reading Getting ready for school

Making Forest People

Great news! I’ve got a job 🙂 Little Forest Folk have offered me a position as Manager for their Forest School Nurseries in West London. I am beside myself with excitement. In anticipation of a career in Forest Schools I completed Level 1 Forest School practitioner qualification online. This involved following an online course then … Continue reading Making Forest People

Daddy is learning!

Nick has spent lockdown and the last months of our travels studying to be a fitness instructor and personal trainer. He has taken modular assessments, quizzes and online exams and passed them all with flying colors. Until now there has been no opportunity to take his practical exams as we have not been in the … Continue reading Daddy is learning!