Home Schooling trial run!

It is the Eid holiday here in Dubai so the children are off school for a week. We thought this might be a great opportunity to do a homeschooling trial run – for us and them – so that they can start to adjust to what life might be like on the road being taught by Mum and Dad!
Flossy thinks we are building a school in the house

Freya can’t remember any of the lessons she does at school

Felicity wants to eat all the resources 🙂

So, in true child-led fashion we got on the bikes / skateboards first thing this morning and travelled to Costa to complete our first curriculum planning session. Some of the discussions I managed to video!

We came up with some good ideas… This is what they said and how the planning session went 🙂

To try and formalize our planning we have created a Location Led Learning template and have loosely mapped some Learning Outcomes. Initially, rather than using the National Curriculum objectives to plan from, we will annotate the objectives we naturally cover through a reflection process at the end of each day. We will then try to choose trips, activities, visits etc. that will naturally lead to broad and balanced coverage that can be more child initiated.

This is the planning format we are going to trial
We will reflect on the ‘actual learning’ at the end of the day and track our curriculum coverage retrospectively
We cycled, skateboarded, ran and walked to the shops to: do the grocery shopping for our lunch recipe, plan our learning for the week, buy and eat breakfast
Buying the ingredients for the recipe we chose to cook for lunch

One of the lessons that Flossy was keen to include in the learning schedule was ‘I love you, I love you, I love you’. We were not quite sure what this was or what it might entail, however, on the walk/ride home the girls found lots of leaves in the shape of hearts and decided that they would like to use them for a painting activity. They wanted to use red paint to make leaf hearts 🙂 I will share the learning and the outcome in the next blog!

So, we have a plan… now we will spend the next few days executing it. We will try to share snapshots of planning, process and outcome as well as our reflections on what was actually ‘learnt’ as a result of our endeavour.

As always, let us know your thoughts and feedback.

2 thoughts on “Home Schooling trial run!

    1. Great start team…..like the idea of staff meetings in Costa….or was it Starbucks. Don’t forget The Borrowers when you count your friends….they don’t take up much room!! Writing could include messages to friends on Facebook!!!


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