Measuring, menu making and trip planning today

So, my first learning point is that blogging when the children are at home is much harder!

They want to ‘help’, join in, watch the videos and touch the screen (Felicity) and generally be involved – which is great – but are relentless in their demands for attention – not so great

As a result my posts are currently shorter and perhaps a little less polished – sorry about that – this homeschooling was definitely worth a trial run then 🙂 learning already…

So, next installment… Once I had cleaned up the red paint from the leaf massacre (there was a moment where I thought Flossy was bleeding!) we started on plans for the rest of the week.

Freya mapped the week out, we talked about learning opportunities and here you can come on a journey of the activities from the past two days.

For transparency we will talk about what went well – brunch making as well as what did not go so well which included failed attempts at going to Children’s City.

So, the past two days:

– 2 failed attempts at going to Children’s City… closed …

The first day we combined the selling of our antique stool with a trip down to Children’s City – having dropped of the stool at City Hospital to our buyer who was preparing for surgery… no really… we went to buy tickets only to be told it had closed at 1pm! The resulting trip to WAFI Mall was spontaneously decided on instead and was a great success. We planned the week out, had lunch and learnt about the Egyptians! It is a pyramid themed mall.

Yesterday we attempted Children’s City again… this time closed for Eid (Which is today not yesterday)

So, headed instead to our local soft play and did some menu planning for our maths activities and for brunch instead.

Run home was hugely successful, (although Flossy dos her win version of the. Asked chef) we also did some recipe reading and in the afternoon we worked in our maths through flapjack making

Finally, while waiting for furniture pick ups we went into planning our trip to the aquarium.. we have made a list of activities and created our own booms to do our work in. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Hopefully I can share some more info tomorrow…

Enjoy the snippets film reel

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