Making headway…

It has been busy bustling weekend. The smiles on the girls’ faces here belies the boredom that they have been subjected to over the past 48 hours as we made a concerted effort to clear out and move on the trappings of our materialistic past.

Following a significant ‘letting go’ break through with my counselor this week we have had a renewed and refocused push towards running towards the new chapter in our lives.

There is nothing like a cathartic sobbing hour or two to clear the air, let go of the past and set you up for a fresh start and new beginning. So, refreshed Nick and I began the weekend in a fervour of Facebook posts, photographs of past loved treasures and emptying dust filled cupboards, storage boxes and wardrobes.

We have committed to only sending ten standard sized packing boxes to storage. This is for a few reasons:

  • we want to live a simpler life
  • we hope to become less materialistic ourselves and thereby inspire our children to be the same
  • we have limited budget so both shipping and storing large volumes of stuff does not make economic sense
  • if we haven’t opened the packaging that an item was wrapped in when we were leaving the UK in 2011 then we REALLY DON’T NEED IT

It has been eye opening.

What an amazing way to meet an extraordinary range of people. From the chap who drove from Sharjah to buy a tool box, to a Muslim gentleman who bought a cut glass crystal decanter (he had no idea it was for alcohol) to the children who delightfully selected new toys and the gentleman who has offered to come and take anything that is left in the last week…. herbs, spices, cleaning products etc. for a local under privilidged community… it was fascinating.

Why do you feel happy to sell a treasured possession at a discount price to one person, while you refuse to let a sentimental item go to another. What is happening on a subconscious level that means one soul appears to be kindred while another feels like a foe?

I have no idea, though it makes me wish I had studied psychology. Through all this the girls made dresses out of bubble wrap, created games with old Christmas decorations, camped on a rug for sale in sleeping bags and, eventually (them) and begrudgingly (me) watched Disney Junior on TV.

They are truly astounding! What amazing little human beings they are growing into.

They fell into bed exhausted while Nick and I continued on two arduous / enjoyable / torturous tasks of…. Kate – emptying her art portfolios (age 11+) and Nick working through the 2000+ CDs we own!

I found pieces of art from the beginning of secondary school…

from the beginning of Secondary School
through to the end of Secondary School
some really early portraiture work in pencil – Eric Clapton
and mixed media – Bob Marley
life drawing sketches – that were surprisingly good given that I thought I was awful at it at college
and the beginning of my love affair with pen and ink

It was like a journey of self exploration, the self-portrait gallery alone was eye opening 🙂

So, with the past firmly in the past, self discovery complete and paring down almost over… I feel as though the planning can start in earnest? My next post, I hope, will be me talking a bit about the future… I know I am avoiding being on camera so, two weeks into the blog, I am committing here to doing a talk piece….

Hopefully ‘see’ you tomorrow if my nerve holds

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