Art and craft gifting

So, I have an addiction apparently, to stationary and all things arty!
It was only upon opening each and every box in the art corner so that it could be sorted through that the enormity of my addiction became apparent…

Notebooks with three pages used x20+

Watercolour sets x7

Charcoal sets x5

Pencil sets x6

Acrylic sets x2… the list goes on :0(

Every holiday requires a new pen and notebook and I then keep ALL these part used notebooks for years…. anyway, I have now sorted through all the materials and we are in a much more sensible situation. All part used art sets sold, notebooks purged and paper harvested for use and remaining materials all in sensible storage.

The result – arts and crafts fun with the girls!
We use the old crayons to make art pieces by melting the wax onto watercolour paper and then mounting the finished pieces into our recycled picture frames – farewell gifts for teachers!

Next we used the canvases to create portraits as presents for the learning assistants.

In the mood we went onto making unique jewelery for some of the specialist teachers and finally, we made cards from all the recycled paper.

Result, completely unique gifts for all the adults who have helped and supported the girls, no cost and a great couple of days of arts and crafts fun and frolics guilt free for Mummy!

It was a really purposeful reason to to write, some excellent motor skill development with the threading and some incidental discussion about impressionist artwork ensued. “They look like fireworks mummy”

“Would them melt if we left them outside in the sun?” – YES apparantly

“Can I wrap it now?”

Brilliant fun – I will let you know whether the teachers like the outcomes

We used a hair dryer to melt the wax
Building fine motor skills with threading, also developing pincer movement for pre-writing
Flossy using dots to help her letter formation – using correct tripod grip
Writing the cards (necklace in view)
Mummy, Daddy, Freya, Flossy and Fliss by Freya

Let us know what you think 🙂

One thought on “Art and craft gifting

  1. Wonderful pictures! A lovely momento for those I am sure you will leave a lasting impression on! Well done girls, and Mummy! In our house we currently have a slight obsession with Jungle book so everything we draw and make is themed! Less than impressed with my picture of King Louis this morning although Max has then decided to take it to school to show his teacher!!! 🙂


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