Food is going to feature greatly

It is becoming clear that we need to make sure every day activities are learning activities. Three children and two adults means we are officially outnumbered. It is impossible to give one to one attention to all people at all times and, the second that household chores and jobs come into the equation the ratio looks pretty sobering.

So, we have started to try to make sure all home making is a family affair.

As you would imagine we have received some resistance to this idea 🙂

The one area where there seems to be complete concensus is FOOD.

Since we have been including the children in menu planning, more food gets eaten from the plate. Now that the kids are involved in the shopping list, there are fewer requests for food stuffs not on the list. Now that the children take part in the cooking, there are fewer complaints when the “don’t like it”, “it has green bits”, “it tastes like feet”. (The last was the cost cutting cheaper parmesan cheese).

The change in approach has also meant more learning.

This week, following pleas for ‘pudding’ I defrosted the pastry that mum had frozen after her last visit.

The children had a great time at an age appropriate level:

Freya helped with the temperature setting, timer and mathematical aspects of baking

Flossy developed her fine motor skills thorugh kneading, rolling and balling the dough

Fliss ate raw dough and discovered it doesn’t taste nice!

All of the children made ‘thumb pots’ out of the balls of dough and watched with interest as they baked. We filled them with golden syrup, nutella and marmalade before whisking up some custard (observing the changes in consistency and hypothesising how that happens) before eating and enjoying!
Much fun had by all – I even had some help with the washing up 🙂

Flossy showing off her cases, and her grazed forehead from swinging upside down at the playground
the lick then dip technique
just licking

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