Loving incidental learning

This week the big girls are back in school continuing with their formal learning. This has meant that Nick and I can focus on clearing the house and selling all our ‘stuff’

The result has been interesting.

We have started, through our new homeschooling lenses, to see learning opportunities everywhere, as we always have, but are now seizing them.

The most noticeable has been watching Felicity taking risks, experimenting with her gross motor control and feeling liberated to let her try out things that we would normally put an instant stop too.

A prime example would be her climbing.

Following in her sister’s footsteps Fliss is intrepid in her exploring. She thinks she can do anything they can do. Normally, in good parenting fashion, some of her more dangerous antics are stopped promptly, followed by screams of defiance and repeated attempts to repeat the behaviour. Through our new lens of parent educators we have been watching how things play out a bit more, taking time from a safe distance to see what happens.

Fliss has warmed to the new relaxed parenting style, still checking whether we are watching and nearby, but growing in confidence. She modelled great traversing of the sofa including crossing the midline with both hands and feet and also managed a couple of near miss moments. While looking cheeky throughout.

Interestingly, once ‘allowed’ to climb she quickly tired and moved onto eating paint :0)

Later this week, she went and got a safety helmet to wear then turned up on one of the girls’ scooters…. looking very proud of herself, and continued to balance and try to push herself around the newly cleared open plan downstairs.

Someone is enjoying the new found freedom to experiment :0)

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