Researching caravans

Time is getting nearer, the packers are booked… we have agreed to two cubic metres of shipping only! Things that are making the cut:

  • photo albums
  • our favourite kids books
  • our home schooling resources
  • our educational research library
  • some pictures that we cannot part with

Everything else is being sold 🙂

We have now just started researching what we would like our new home for the next twelve months to look like?

Caravan v’s motorhome

As a couple we had the pleasure of touring Australia and parts of the US by motorhome. There are many advantages to having everything you need with you at all times. You don’t need to ‘break camp’ as you just get up and drive. You don’t need to unhitch and hitch up, there is no tent to put up or put down etc. Brilliant as a couple and we really enjoyed our time motorhoming around.

With a family though, your priorities change.

As adults, you use something, you put it back. That way everything both has a place, but remains in its place. With children this is less consistent.

So much of the learning through play that the girls do carries on over days and days. LEGO buildings are returned to over and over, toys are left in specific orders and positions. If we were to have to pack up everything every time we wanted to leave a camp site it would a) take forever and b) really upset them!

In Texas we opted instead for a caravan / travel trailer. It had fixed bunks and a double bed so, while there were just four of us, everyone had a bed that was permanently made and ready to go. Once we were set up at a camp site we could shut the door and drive away leaving everything in situ. No tidying up or packing away necessary until we wanted to relocate entirely to a new campsite. No rattling can be heard in the car when towing, and you can use the car as additional storage to complement the space in the caravan.

We are converts. We know we want a caravan… but which one.

The next challenge then is to find a caravan big enough for five of us. We would like:

  • 6 berth
  • fixed bunkbeds (preferably a triple)
  • a fixed double bed
  • fully fitted kitchen (if small)
  • bathroom with a bath if possible

So, we don’t know if this even exists, but at least the conversations have started.

Bailey 6 berths look like they could be a good option, triple bunks in some models but no fixed double. We only have $12,000 to spend so we need to ensure that while a little dated, we get something as new as possible.

Given the length of our trip, we would also like to look in to customizing a little, perhaps adding solar power, a larger freshwater, grey water and balck water tank and make it possible to camp outside of campsites… so gas powered fridge freezer, air con, heating and hob….

So, watch this space. If you have any advice or knowledge we would really appreciate it!

For those of you who just said “they are mad” in your heads… this is not the first time we have taken the kids on the road… in 2017, with Felicity just turning 8 weeks old, we set out on a 5 week trip from Houston to Florida and back during maternity leave :0) we only had a four berth caravan so Fliss slept on a shelf!

Here are some images of what our little van looked like then:

19′ long
fixed twin, open to the rest of the van
little dining area
tiny bathroom with bath just right for little girls
bunk beds for F1 and F2
pretty light so we towed it with a Ford Explorer
Fliss loved it! She had her own camping outdoor playpen
This is what we want to recreate 🙂

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