The joys of more space

The shipping went today… there were the usual discussions about… you said 10 boxes, yes and you said 2 meters cubes, it may cost more, we won’t pay more… all good fun!

Anyway, it went. No extra charge, we will meet again in France. 12 boxes total… mainly books for homeschooling and a few keepsakes / photo albums.

It was surprising none emotional, the arguing about cost was a good distraction… it certainly made us feel like we were really leaving, no really, to France!

One positive side effect of clearing g the house has been the increase in available square footage for playing.

Felicity and Daddy spontaneously started a yoga session in the kitchen last night much to my amusement…

Nick’s cross fit has certainly paid off with his flexibility I see you note 🙂

Felicity has been very helpful modeling the car seats that we put up for sale too… 🙂 one way to keep her from ‘helping’ with the packing!

With the shipping being taken today we had some great chats with the girls about the soft toys. Who made the cut for the shipping, who had to be in hand luggage and who was to be ‘left behind’ – not sure that but sunk in!! We will soon see…

The process was a good one at least.

So. We move out of the house in the 30th June and have a week booked in an Airbnb

We have a Dubai bucket list of things to do before we follow the shipping to France.

It is all starting to feel pretty real!

Oh, and I have been out on gardening leave from work… so am officially ‘retired’ cheers!

One thought on “The joys of more space

  1. Love those girls…..and the decision making is quite impressive… hard that must be. Wonder what will surprisingly find its way into Flossy’s bag? Keep going y’all… are doing well x


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