One to one time take two

With so many assemblies, productions and outings at school Felicity and I have had a lot more one to one time than usual… this has a detrimental impact on my blogging capabilities but an incredibly positive impact on my joy and happiness.

One day this week, while I was ‘tidying’ the playroom so that we could sell and remove the Kallax storage units (yes every family has one, or two) Fliss set about amusing herself.

In a very short space of time she has unrolled a sleeping bag, found a pillow, put on some sunglasses and was basking in the imaginary sunshine while playing in her ‘phone’….

She literally had me in stitches!

Another day she amused herself while, once again (here hear a heavy sigh) I was tidying something ready for sale, and emerged from the lounge dressed as a rap star in need of hugs! Belly laughter all round.

Finally this week, to make up for parenting neglect, I took F3 for a coffee date and a browse around the shops.

She devoured a Pain au Chocolate (getting into the French scene) and mesmerized her fellow shoppers with spontaneous dance moves and occasional breaks for freedom.

I call a little bit more in love with the girls every time we spend time alone together and I get to just focus on one child, one personality, one sense of humor , one set of needs. It is really refreshing for both of us I think to be alone together occasionally.

Flossy is next up… can’t wait to see what that could entail!

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