One to one time

This week we have tried to reassure the girls, who are showing signs of getting wobbly, by spending some time with them one on one.

At the weekend, Nick and Flossy immersed themselves in imaginative play upstairs during Fliss’s nap time while Freya and I indulged in some of girl arts and crafts.

Freya is brilliantly creative and, has in the past, made her own teddy bear and lion from scratch with only minimal support.

For her last birthday Freya was given a ‘make a bear kit’ which was right up her street. We set about following the instructions at about 10:30am…

There were a lot of pieces… all tiny, curled up fluffy little pieces. It was at this point I decided that Freya making her own toys, out of her imagination, from what ever was to hand, was always going to be preferable to bought projects. However, not one to give up Freya was youthfully undeterred by the process ahead and the 50+ instructors we were to follow.

She gamely stitched, hemmed, turned inside out and stuffed under close supervision. Only accepting help with starting and finishing rows of stitches.

The bear, bear/dog as he quickly became known did begin to take shape, possibly not the intended shape, but a shape non the less.

Around midday I attached the last limb to the torso and he was finished. We had lost a nose (so a brand acted as replacement) and he was not perfect, but ‘Rocky’ was born and was instantly loved as part of the family 🙂

Amazing concentration over 90minutes, brilliant hand eye coordination, persistence, resilience and a great sense of achievement – and that was just me!

Next time, we won’t use instructions!

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