Beaurocracy gone mad

There are so many positives to living internationally; meeting new and interesting people, traveling the world, having our children not see race, creed or color. However, there are some lesser mentioned down sides…

The reason that I have not been online this week is due, in some part, to one of them.


In a world where biotechnology is common place, where you can pay with a smartphone, where everything is online, why is it, to close your ‘Du’ account (home wifi, TV and telephone) it has taken two trips into the store, three phone calls, presenting my Emirates ID, a letter from the school saying my contract is terminated and my original passport… and even then, I still needed to phone to confirm.

They cut us off every month for three months in a row for a repeated administrative error, on their part, but it will take 48 hours for my deposit to be ready for collection – and it can only be collected at two stores in the whole of Dubai!


How is that possible…

Oh, and did I mention that there is a cancellation fee for every month remaining on the two year contract that must be paid for home phone, wifi and TV (as well as for our two mobile phones) DESPITE the fact that the law has changed stating that only one month can be charged, not 15 months as they enforced!

“Sorry madame, that is only for accounts that were opened after March, your account was opened before the law was changed so we can charge you the full fee”.

Hmm, that is within the essence of the law I am sure!

So, I am now sitting in Chilis, in Mall of the Emirates, using their free WiFi to write this ranting blog….

We may be out of touch for some time as all links with social media etc including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram will depend on simial free Wifi facilities until we land in France and start the whole process all over again.

I am proud to say, I remained calm (this time) and will be happy to collect my refunded deposit later in the week (which I am sure will be effortless!) watch this space :0)

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