A gift from Granny Caz

While in Greece visiting my Dad last week, who has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, I got to spend much time with my step mother

‘Grandma Flint’. Caz, as she is known to me, is incredibly talented and creative. She attended our wedding in an outfit of her own creation

which she he’d sewn out of the material initially used as cushion covers on the boat. It was stunning! She is a creative genius.

Looking after Dad was a full time job on the trip, however on the Sunday we left the boat to visit a local taverna for lunch. 

While Dad was engaged in people watching Caz and I made gifts for the girls. She taught me to ‘pin felt’ using marino wool and I taught

her the Guatemalan legend of the worry dolls. Together, we made the Fuller family our of felted dolls, complete with clothes, hair and expressions. 

We use a wire base with pipe cleaners to give the wool something to adhere to, Next we added the flesh colored wool and pin felted it to

the pipe cleaners, Once sufficient layers had been added we used colored wool to add eyes, lips and hair details.

Scraps of materials were used to make clothes for the whole family, apart from Felicity who was so small her clothes had to be felted on.

The five mini figures were packaged into a small box and brought to France in my carry on luggage.

Upon arrival they were presented to Freya and Flossy to great delight. 

Over the course of today Flossy has withdrawn with them in to the TeePee for solo role play,

Freya has created a house out of cardboard and recycled materials and Felicity has embarked on her first ‘role play’.

They have been an amazing stimulus for talk, vocabulary and play and I can’t wait to see how play develops as we embark on our travels.

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