Our first location

It has not been an easy start to the home schooling life as those of you who have read the last few posts can attest.

However, we are all together again, if only for a short time, in Le Montelieux France at the Fuller family’s French get away.

Having arrived on Monday following a highly emotional time with Dad and Caz in Crete it was somewhat contrived

to be straight into home schooling ‘location led’.

Fortunately the girls are somewhat oblivious to life outside of their nuclear family and, although they are aware that

Grandpa Flint is unwell, they are happily oblivious to the severity of the situation in Greece and were elated that the five of us

were back together again.

So, learning continued…

We started with our first handwriting lesson of the year. My first Headship was in Hampshire and I followed an inspirational Head

who was trained by John Barrett. Her handwriting teaching was second to none and, while our shipping has not arrived,

I used my latent knowledge from ten years ago to begin some basic join teaching for handwriting practice.

Freya enjoyed making the patterns and using ‘clever cat’ as a rule to ensure her letters were within the ‘blue lines’ of the handwriting book

(head is ascenders and tail is descenders).

We started with ‘curly c’ which is the shape formation for many other letters. The diagonal join could be practiced over and over for ‘c’

then applied to ‘d’ and to ‘a’ before pushing Freya to consider ‘o’.

It was when we got to ‘o’ and started horizontal joins that Freya started to struggle with both concentration and muscle memory –

this was 25 minutes into the session, So we finished with a celebration of what we had achieved and set the targets for the next session together.

Looking forward to our next handwriting input tomorrow (and also for the shipping to arrive so that I can plan the lessons as well as appropriate).

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