The primordial swamp

Harry and the Dinosaurs is a firm family favorite when it comes to story time at night.

One of the episodes entails Harry and the Dinosaurs visiting a new family for the day,

as his big sister has to visit her new secondary school, where Harry and his new friend create a primordial swamp.

Today Freya incorporated her knowledge of this book, along with her reading go Julia Donaldson’s Tyrannosaurus Drip,

as inspiration for an arts and crafts activity in the garden.

Two of our favorite toys that made the journey with s to France are two of the Tyrannosaurs from ‘The Good Dinosaur’.  

Freya spent time creating a primordial swamp for the Tyrannosaurs in the garden sourcing materials from the location to do so.

A washing up basin formed the vestibule for the swamp, water was initially added.

Some gravel was collected, along with some larger stones to set the landscaping scene.

Next, some leaves, mud and pine needles were collected to create a more stamp like setting.

Finally some large rocks were used to create ‘steps’ and a ‘jump off rock’ for the dinosaurs so that they could leap into the swamp.

We explored floating and sinking, large and small as well as ‘swamp\ features verbally throughout,

the Dinosaurs had a great time splashing, swimming and exploring as did Freya.

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