Nature walk 

The whole family has been unwell, so the location in France has not been explored to its full extent as yet.

With an upturn in mood and a downturn in fevers we embarked on a walk to explore our location a little more fully today.

The girls were interested to explore the cylindrical hay bails that surround the house in France and that can be seen from the garden.

So, sturdy shoes on and water bottles packed we embarked on our first walk beyond the garden walls into rural France.

The track that backs onto the house leads down to a copse of trees.

Along the way lie an orchard, a cow field, a cow shed an orchard and two hay fields.

The girls certainly enjoyed the wind in their hair as they ran down the uneven ground to and from the nearest hay bails.

Along the way we stopped to investigate the flora and forna

Flossy was fascinated by some seeds that were air dispersed. They were ‘soft and fluffy’ and was named ‘Mr Fluffy’.

She threw some in the air and was fascinated with the way that the air currents lifted them and carried them away. 

Every step revealed more nature in our back garden.

A blue winged butterfly was enchanting and caught the girls imagination with references to ‘Butterly Meadow’ a well loved book.

We saw a variety of different grass hoppers, (what is the difference between grass hoppers and cricket?? to be investigated)

as well as the mouse holes and mole hills.

The hills down and again up were too enticing for Freya who used them as a cardio workout.

Floss’s lung capacity didn’t allow her more than a short jaunt up and down the hill,

Felicity’s leg length was a serious impediment to her long grass running,

however Freya, all long limbed and full of pent up energy took full advantage of the open countryside with

multiple runs up and down the hills complete with comedic timing of tumbles to the ground whenever it looked as though

Daddy was to run away from her.

Exhausted and sweaty the full Fuller family returned to the house with sweaty faces filled with smiles ready to enjoy a well deserved meal.

Further research into the location led questions to follow tomorrow.

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