The summer fete

We arrived (we being Freya, Felicity, Bumpa and Dad) at the Summer Fete at Ecuras (7 or so KM from the French House). It didn’t look a promising affair to be honest but our girls will make the most out of any situation it would seem.

The highlights were;

– Wood carving

Freya was completely spellbound by the Frenchmen who was working on a lathe. He worked for about 10 minutes before he discovered that the piece of wood he was working on was cracked in the middle. The upside was that Freya got a, slightly cracked, spinning top for free (which she later decorated at home).

– Vintage cars

There was a whole range of vintage cars including Bumpa’s (Grandpa’s) first car and also Banny’s (Granny’s) first car. Freya found that fascinating, or so she said, although her favorite car was “the yellow one” so perhaps the history lesson was a little lost on her. Although the old fashioned racing cars really did interest her…”but Daddy, where do the car seats go?”

– Horseriding

The high point however was the horse riding (pony riding if you want to get all proper – but he was a big pony). Freya could not have been happier. Off she went, happy as you like with not a hint of nerves. When she came back she was beaming.

And so, the Summer Fete was much better than it looked and two hours later we left.

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