Handwriting – cursive or manuscript?

Not many children will extol the virtues of handwriting lessons. Indeed, as a teacher and a leader, it is rare to teach or observe an outstanding ha deriving lesson.

Every child needs personal input

Every stroke needs instant feedback of bad habits are to be avoided

Every piece of writing requires constant reminders of letter formation of muscle memory is to be built up

Its HARD WORK and can quickly turn off your child from writing because of the constant barriers

For Flossy, we are starting from scratch so we can do it ‘right’ from the start.

For Freya, the bad habits are already in place and some ‘unteaching’ is required before teaching can begin.

It is such a thankless task. Only when you look to the future, and see how poorly many people write, does it become clear that it is worth the time now.

So, we agreed handwriting was important and should be taught. Flossy will be taught letter formation from now and Freya will be ‘re-taught’ before she is encourage to do any prolonged writing.

The next decision was what handwriting style to teach.

Our researched shows that teaching cursive (joined) handwriting formation from the beginning (although not yet joining up) takes less effort, less fine motor skill and saves reteaching letter formation later when joining is required for fluidity.

We are going to be using ‘the rhythm of handwriting’ to teach the girls and will let you know how we get on….

2 thoughts on “Handwriting – cursive or manuscript?

  1. Kate – an interesting contribution to an under discussed debate. Let me know how this research goes. Remember feet on the floor when you are learning how to write by hand! Left or right handed girls?



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