Where does all the time go?

We are really struggling to get stuff done!

Camping just takes up a lot of time!

With a tiny fridge and five people (plus a commitment to try not to eat too much processed food) we have to go shopping every 2/3 days – which, if we take the kids, feels like hours of torture!

Of course, with breaking camp every three nights there is a lot of putting up and putting down of furniture and awnings. In addition, we have to put away anything that is not secured for when we traveling, which takes quite a bit of time too.

Then there are the daily life tasks.

Cooking in a very confined space takes longer.

Washing up in a very confined space takes longer.

Toileting in a tiny space takes longer….

Everything just seems to take more time.

So, I was delighted when today we actually managed to do ‘everything’ that ‘needed’ to be done….

After breakfast we did some learning online in our pajamas.

I introduced the girls to Mathletics and they started their online assessments to set their targets. They Lougher away for about 40 minutes. After a break, we did some reading and spelling before getting ready to head out…

Teeth, hair, sunscreen, gummy bear (vitamin supplement) is our leave the caravan chant!

We headed to the campsite swimming pool and did some strike development with Freya and Flossy and confidence building with Fliss before joyfully playing for an hour or so. (PE)

Make lunch and wash up…

Then handwriting for half an hour before teaching Daddy our handwriting skills.

Finally play time at the lake, ice cream and home for dinner. Roast chicken, roasted vegetables, mash, sweet corn and gravy (I know, yes I was proud)!

Freya and Daddy did some more maths on the way to the shops and Flossy counted to 30 whole pushing Fliss on the swings.

Day of location led learning finished at 8pm with ‘Roman Britain’ and ‘Canterbury Tales’ (the cartoon version).

All in all a very successful day… let’s hope we can repeat it sometime soon!

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