Packing up

It is not often that you get to see everything you own, in the whole world, at one time in one place… in one room!

This week we have sorted through our two cubic meters of shipping, and our five suitcases that came with us on the plane, to decide what makes the cut for the long journey south.

How many pairs of shoes do five people need?

How much will we regret leaving winter clothes behind as winter sets in across the Mediterranean?

How many toys can one caravan hold!

Some decisions were hard, others easy. Keepsakes will be kept and stored (thank you Banny and Bumpa) the 7.1 meter van, one boot and one roof box can literally only hold so much.

So, we packed, sifted, sorted, pared down further and now, I’m this evening the 2nd if September we are sipping a cup of tea knowing everything has a place, is in that place and the journey can begin… tomorrow we head off towards Greece!

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