The journey ahead

Children have little to no concept of time below about eight years old. Similarly seemingly no concept of distance.

This week I got out the map of Europe to show the girls where we are headed.

Fortunately, the enormity of the distance ahead didn’t seem to phase them at all. The same can’t be said for Nick who turned a whiter shade as I explained the route we will be taking.

The ferry is booked from Ancona, Italy, to Patras Greece for the 12th if September (26 hours on a boat!)

The second ferry is Piraeus to Heraklion in Crete, overnight, arriving in the 14th of September.

This means we will be in Greece with Dad for his second round of chemotherapy due to start in the 18th if September.

So, 11 days of traveling ahead of us, one and half by boat, we will see if we packed everything we need and how we cope with more road time and less down time as we race to Crete to see Dad before he gets any worse. Bob voyage!

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