Book led learning part two

Building on the Tiddler book reading and fish creation activity the girls decided they wanted to make some actual fish.

In true up cycling fashion we repurposed our rocks from the rock painting activity in Italy (yes we brought them with us to Greece) and used marker pens to create colourful fish.

Some resembled characters from the story while others were of the girls own making.

We used glitter paint to add fish like sparkle .

Freya wants to sell the products at the market while Flossy has been gifting the resulting creations to Dad’s friends for a small ‘donation’ – we are breeding entrepreneurs!

Miss Skate the school teacher

Four fish are now making their way back to the UK as gifts for some grandchildren of Dads friends so we are hoping to inspire further creations for both sets of kids.

Further updates as they happen 🙂

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