When in Greece – part two

The literacy focus for this week has been Greek Myths following our incredible trip to the Acropolis Museum.

Our first activity, led by Daddy, had the children writing animal names and pets into strips of paper.

The strips were then put into a ‘hat’ so that a selection could be drawn out at random. The randomizing was a key part and brought great hilarity…. body of a goat and head of a Bear, tail of a snake and wings of an eagle etc.

The girls then drew their mythical creatures and verbally described them testing out their vocabulary, building detail and and bringing their creatures to ‘life’.

Next we developed our setting. The whole family went on a walk to the local lake.

The Lake has some great stories associated with it based in local folk lore; it is bottomless, it was a volcano, it is a lava chute, God’s bathed in it etc.

We sat and watched the lake and discussed the local tales before talking about what kind of mythical creature may live in the lake.

The girls quickly came up with some brilliant ideas that I jotted down for them.

Freya and I then withdrew to create our story map. She planned the sequence to her Greek Myth style story orally as I wrote her ideas down in sequence so as to capture all she wanted to include.

Over the rest is this week Freya has written and illustrated her story and has worked hard to put her cursive handwriting lessons into practice.

She hopes you enjoy reading her book as much as she enjoyed writing it!


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