Part of a community

We have been in the Marina with Grandpa Flint and Granny Caz for almost three weeks now. It is fair to say that we have been embraced by this wonderful community.

Inundated with toys and books

The chair of the local Facebook group for Brits in Agios Nikolas (INCO) sent out a call to members for donations of books and toys. As you can imagine, we could only manage to bring so much with us in the caravan with such limited space.

The girls were so delighted with their new toys and books they haven’t wanted to leave the caravan for days… we also had to bite the bullet and put up the awning so we had somewhere to use as a ‘playroom’

The downside of this was that we then had to move. The van and awning took up too much space where we were so we have been relocated to the communal BBQ area.

Many positives – more shade, some grass, a ‘patio’ a BBQ!

Some negatives – on the road, awning on the pavements, local youth hang out.

You have never seen grubbier children after the celebratory ice creams!

Anyway we will see how we get on. A lovely couple helped with the move and the girls quickly adopted them as additional family members 🙂

The girls have In fact melted the hearts of all the marina inhabitants. We have just been invited to a ‘baking session’ on one of the boats by a retired couple who miss their grandchildren – which I am certain will be very popular.

We are attending the local boule and croquet day on Saturday and attended a community BBQ on Monday (soon to be weekly attendance) and the girls know all the local dog walkers as well as enjoying time with Dad’s dogs Bob and Ivie

In addition the INCO team have arranged a boat trip for Nick and the Girls to Spinalonga (the oldest leapt colony in Europe and famous pirate port) for a break later in the week. Also a ride on the ‘happy train’ around the town… all free of charge. People are just so kind.

So. We feel more settled stand so supported by our new community.

People couldn’t be kinder or more eager to help.

It truly makes the worst of times more manageable being surrounded by such kindness.

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