We are going on a ‘r’ hunt

We have talked a lot about Freya’s learning in the blog, but we also work with Flossy on a daily basis.

Flossy is working her way through her phonic recognition and we use Geraldine Giraffe by Mr Thorne on YouTube as a fun starter activity:


This week we have been learning ‘r’ so we went on a ‘r’ hunt about town… Flossy abs Felicity hunted the sound in any form they could find and we had a lot of fun and amusement as we traipses around. Glossy even took a turn pushing the pram as it had an ‘r’ in it!

We discussed what turbo meant
Smart cars are our favorite cars to spot
Explaining therapy was a bit trickier
Water ends in ‘r’ Flossy explains
Rocking horse with my sister had lots of ‘r’
Fliss tried to copy us writing ‘r’
We had quite a list

This was a brilliant activity to get us out and about and really brought the learning to life

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