Living on a kerb

So, here at the marina they are set up for yachts, power boats, motorboats, off boards… every type of floating vessel pretty much… less so for caravans.

They have been so very kind to let us land lubbers stay. However the logistics have been tricky.

‘On the hard’ Which is the dry dock, we were on bedrock and gravel, not conducive to camping in many ways, particularly tent pegs!

Now we have moved to the roadside with the awning on the kerb…. similar issues I fear.

This week saw dramatic winds and Southerly gusts so we were forced to anchor the tent with some paving slabs borrowed from the marina scrap yard.

Classy I know

In true location led learning fashion though we seized this as an opportunity an art class with pavement chalk. The outcomes have really improved the look of the place 🙂

And have amuses the local youths who hang about outside the tent!

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