Book led learning The Greedy Triangle

Earlier this week I introduced the girls to the book ‘The Greedy Triangle’

They have loved reading about the cheeky polygon as he goes through his various iterations; from triangles through to shapes with too many sides to count.

Today we read the book again and made a note of the different names for the 2D shapes on our whiteboard, Freya also wrote them phonetically.

We reminded ourselves of their numbers of sides, angles and the names before setting off on a ‘shape walk’ as a family, complete with Granny Caz and dogs, around Agios Nikolaos.

There are shapes everywhere…. which of course we knew as adults, but even we were surprised by the multitude of opportunities to review our knowledge and understanding.

When appropriate we also extended Freya to talk about 3D shapes, faces, edges abs vertices as some pre-learning for a later lesson.

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