Inter generational learning

Being in Crete out of season has brought some wonderfully unexpected benefits.

You will know from earlier posts that we have joined INCO the local international community.

This has been amazing for both us and the children socially and academically.

This week INCO arranged Friday Footsteps, a seaside stroll, in a part of the island we had not visited yet. While I stayed with Dad, Nick took the girls to join the walk.

Three children under 7, 5k, first time with the group… Nick was understandably a bit apprehensive.

They had an amazing time!

All of the adults were so welcoming and generous with their time, the girls learnt so much!

Archaeology when they visited a historic site, biology while studying ant movement, botany while learning about a carob seeds and social skills while conversing with people from a huge range of backgrounds.

The children just think they went for a walk and ate ice cream and chips…. the adults however were amazed by their curiosity, quality of questioning and interest in the world around them.

Hugely beneficial for all to have intergeneration interactions.

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