Cretan Olive Farm

Learning has resumed following a period of mourning for Grandpa Flint.

This week we have had two excursions as stimuli for learning; today we went to a local Olive Farm to learn about one of Crete’s most important sources if income… Olive oil.

Just north of Agios Nikolaos where we are staying, on the base of a hill overlooking the sea, lies a beautiful Olive Farm.

The original Olive press machinery was relocated from a local village when electricity arrived in the 1960s and now forms part of a local informative attraction.

The children learnt about harvesting olives, grinding them into paste, pressing them and separating the oil from water.

The family who run the farm were so warm and welcoming. The information video highlighted past and present production techniques and explained the process clearly and simply for their young ears.

In addition to oil the farm had tomatoes drying in the sun, goats to provide milk for cheese, some chickens and beehives.

All the children were interested and curious about all of the different income streams and were keen to taste the different products available in the shop.

We learnt a huge amount about the quality markers for Olive oil (acidity) and came home with some locally produced treats to incorporate into our menus.

A huge learning opportunity that proved to also be great fun.

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