Underwater land

To celebrate Felicity’s birthday we decided to take the girls in an excursion rather than buy more ‘stuff’ to try and fit in the already full caravan.

Based in the port, just around the bay from the marina, is a ‘Semi Submarine’. A catamaran with glass walled hills that allow you to watch the fish while cruising around the bay.

The girls were enchanted by the ‘underwater world’ and laughed and giggled as the fish raced back and forwards across their eyes.

We spent time identifying fish by comparing them to the chart provided abs hypothesized about what they are, where they slept and how quickly they could swim.

We spent time discussing the life cycle of the fish and the food web we could see in action as the crew threw in bait to bring the fish beside the boat.

The girls were also interested in the underwater rock formations which gave us a chance to review our learning on tech tonic plates and the resulting strata in the rocks.

It was a great learning experience and certainly stimulated a lot of discussion, even if Felicity’s exhaustion levels led to s minor breakdown on the way home!


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