Geology walk at Kritsa Gorge

We were delighted when Tony Cross, a great friend of my dad’s and local walking expert agreed to take the whole family for a walk through Kritsa Gorge.

The Gorge is formed from a river running through limestone and is passable all summer until the rainy season commences.

Fliss was in the rucksack carrier while Freya and Flossy clambered, climbed and scrambled up the uneven ground.

On the way, the children learnt about how limestone was formed, why scree was deposited in certain places, how the smooth edges of the Gorge were gauges out, why freshly fallen limestone rocks are red while rocks that fell 50 years ago are grey, why boulders become rounded, why limestone has holes, about discontinuation between types of rock and much, much more!

The girls were incredible in their resilience and stamina and the walk took them about 3 hours in total.

We were most proud of how they helped each other up the steep climbs – even holding hands at times.

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