Poetry unit

To say daddy was not keen to teach the poetry unit would be an understatement. He moaned and procrastinated for about a week before coming up with a plan for Freya’s learning.

Using the ‘Rhyming Rabbit’ by Julia Donaldson they started by identifying the features of different poems, looking for patterns and similarities in structure and style.

Next, they considered an authentic purpose to write a poem, deciding on our recent meal out at Barbara and George’s boat as the reason.

Once a purpose was established Freya and daddy did some shared writing, with daddy scribing Freya’s ideas, as they planned out a selection of possible verses.

Once the final poem was decided upon Freya used it for he handwriting lesson and wrote it up ‘in best’ editing as she went.

To add some embellishments, Freya did a portrait of Barbara and George to accompany the poem.

Finally, Freya practiced reading the poem aloud before recording it with the poem backlit through the portrait to give it an amazing visual effect.

Hugely successful unit of work!


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