Having spent two years living in Texas the girls are more accustomed to Hallowe’en than many of their UK friends I suppose. So when the Marina announced that there would be a Hallowe’en themed BBQ with prizes for most creative food entries, they were keen to take part.

On the Wednesday before the BBQ one of our lovely neighbours invited the girls to her boat to make witches hats. They drew out templates using string and a pencil as well as utensils to draw around before cutting out the card. Wool was used to make fake hair and they decorated their hats and wants with stickers and printed out decorations.

On the Thursday (31st Oct) we had a trial run of our food ideas for dinner and the children tested out possible designs and ingredients to see which we could mass produce effectively (and which tasted best of course).

Freya and granny Caz brought a broom back to life on Friday and worked out how to use the phone ‘s ‘Live’ function to capture her taking to flight. Freya ran and jumped off a bench while Caz lay on the floor taking photographs – we then edited these to give different effects.

On Saturday we decorated mandarins with spooky Jack ‘o’ lantern faces and carved a pumpkin with another lovely neighbour Anne. (Two faces of course so that both Frey and Flossy could see their designs be realized.

Finally the day of the BBQ had us in our hats and finery and entering the competition with our ‘severed finger’ hot dogs and ‘witches teeth’ apple with peanut butter dessert. The organizers were very sensitive to the girls’ ages and ensured that they each won best in their age category!

Some wonderful learning and great fun.


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