Home Schooling Community support

Not long after starting our home schooling journey we saw a Global Summit advertised for home schoolers all across the world. There was a conference arranged over two weeks with some incredible speakers listed as ‘attending’ remotely.

Nick and I, as ever, were keen to learn as much as we could from others in similar circumstances to signed up to attend.

We learnt so much!

Ken Robinson was inspirational and a must see for us, and we learnt just as much from other parents embarking on travels while jugging their child’s education along the way.

We were therefore dlighted to hear that a community was to be formed following the summit that would allow all of the ‘attendees’ to remain in touch and share ideas / feedback / ask questions within the society.

If you are in interested in joining the community or finding out more we would highly recommend it. Information can be found here FYI


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