Salt plains and pumice stones

This Friday we joined the final Friday Footsteps of this season with the wonderful INCO group.

This week we walked around the salt plains at the entrance to ‘Big Spinalonga Island’.

Freya and Flossy learnt about how the salt was harvested from the sea and used as currency by Greeks to buy, barter and trade with. Flossy then spent the rest of the walk looking for the tell tale glittering of the crystals at the edges of puddles along the way.

Yvonne found a small piece of pumice stone for each of the girls and quizzed them about their prior knowledge. She was delighted when Freya responded with ‘the acid in the rain has made those small holes’, demonstrating her recall of the limestone facts she had learnt on on Kritsa Gorge walk.

Yvonne went on to explain that pumice was not limestone, but that she was right, and that she could test whether a stone was limestone or pumice by putting them both in water and seeing if they floated. Pumice apparently does. Freya and Flossy took this advice and seized the opportunity of the water break half way to test out the hypothesis, much to everyone’s delight.

The girls have learnt so much from these walks, both planned and unplanned, and have grown considerably in their confidence speaking to the older generation. We can’t thank Yvonne and INCO enough for including us on the walks and making us feel so very warmly welcome.

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