The Human Body

Freya has been showing a great interest in how the body works and shared some brilliant questions that highlighted where her curiosities lay:

  • how do tickles work?
  • do you have bones when you are a ‘seed’?
  • where does blood come from?

So we decided she was ready for the Year 2 science unit on the Human Body.

Rather than take a classic classroom based approach to the learning we took Freya’s questions as our starting point and have been planning the unit around her areas of interest, while cross referencing the knowledge and understanding she needs to acquire against the tracking document we created at the beginning of the year.

Flossy was keen not to miss out, particularly when she saw that we would be watching a video about the human skeleton then making our own labelled diagrams to share what we had learnt.

The first lessons have been great fun and really informative looking at:

  • the function of bones
  • what they protect and why
  • what they are called and their location in the body
  • how we keep ourselves healthy
  • starting a food diary checking what we eat against the recommended intake
  • a look at where in our body is ticklish and why
  • recapping Freya’s Year 1 senses knowledge and sharing this with Flossy

Being able to follow her interests so closely and tailor the unit to her questions has been brilliant, she has pushed well beyond year 2 content in areas that she was passionate about and has shown brilliant concentration and engagement as a result.

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