Tiddler project revisited

You may remember that Flossy, Felicity and I did a book led learning unit on ‘Tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson.

Following the completion of the unit some of the ‘Tiddlers’ were sold to Dad’s friends Pete and Fred.

The girls were very excited to make some money from this project and were keen to revisit the idea of an enterprise unit so as to perhaps buy something more substantial next time.

Pete, the wonderfully supportive man that he is, bought a copy of the book for each of his sets of grandchildren and sent them both the ‘Tiddlers’ and the book as a gift.

Both sets of grandchildren were kind enough to send us a photo and a note back saying how much they liked their book and little stone fish.

This gave us an idea, Granny Caz mentioned that he INCO crowd were having a Christmas fair and suggested that perhaps the girls might like a stall to sell their ‘Tiddlers’… and so the project recommenced.

The girls painted about 60 stones in various fish designs with water based non toxic paint, we then added eyes and sprayed them with varnish so as to make them a little more durable.

While they dried we created our stall complete with sea scape, sand, a Tiddler in a net and some signage.

The Christmas Fair was a huge success.

Freya in particular learnt about selling techniques, audience engagement, she took money and made change and spoke to strangers with confidence about her work. Flossy was a little more reticent to be in th elimelight but featured on the stall none the less when it suited.

After deductions they shared a 48 Euro pot!

Take a look at the film here: https://youtu.be/31UH4Mz-Qec

One thought on “Tiddler project revisited

  1. My goodness….what an adventure for you all. If you have any to spare we will buy some for our friends. Well done everyone. We are very proud of you all. Lots of love from B and B xxxxx


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