The medicinal properties of plants

Linked to our unit on the human body we have been looking at how we keep healthy. Here in Agios Nikolaos there is a small cottage industry called BioAroma, with just 8 employees, who produce natural products from plants they cultivate themselves. Today we took the children to their medicinal garden and on a tour of the interactive shop and the laboratories to find out more.

The children loved the different scents in the garden and were fascinated to hear what t herbs, spices and plants could be used to cure / alleviate the symptoms of.

Freya was most passionate about the mint, a firm favorite of hers, while Flossy was mesmerized by the biggest cactus she had ever seen, a relative to Aloe Vera.

In the shop they smelt the flowers from jasmine and rose before learning how natural potions and lotions have formed part of Crete’s export trade since the Minoan era.

We left the shop with three bamboo toothbrushes and some toothpaste to try, along with many free samples from the wonderful staff.

A really interesting and insightful look into the use of plant based ails and derivatives for medicinal purposes.

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