Minimalist / homeschooling Christmas!

How can you be a minimalist family at Christmas?

When you live in a caravan, how can you not?

Six, four and two year olds don’t care about the nose weight of a caravan any more than they care how many toys they already have!

The easy way to ‘do Christmas’ in a caravan as minimalists would be to make everything disposable, however our environmental conscious approach to life will not allow this.

So, we came up with a ‘homeschooling’ approach combined with a ‘lowest possible mass to volume ratio’ approach.

The result is a flat felt Christmas tree with home made felt decorations combined with a request for ‘experiences and memories’ as gifts rather than ‘stuff’.

We will let you know how the latter part goes, for now we are sharing our tree, our homemade decorations, home made gifts, homemade cards and home made advent calendars!

Fuller festive learning fun!

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