Freya would love to be able to knit.

She is so crafty and arty and creative it seems like this should be the next step. She loves sewing, and with minimal help has made a number of stitches creations. Knitting however just hasn’t been easy.

We have started three or four times.

I cast on, we have a chat about the process, I demonstrate, we do some stitches together, I gradually withdraw support, she does a couple of stitches then wants to know when she will ‘be done’.

Two lines and we run out of steam

I thought making squares that we could turn into a scarf would at least bring faster gratification, but no, just two rows in and she was bored senseless.

Then, through a bit of research, I discovered finger knitting!

She took to it immediately. It is my room 5 minutes to learn, and in about half an hour she had managed to make a (very thin) scarf 🙂

She was delighted, and hopefully, it can be a stepping stone to bigger and better projects as she gets older?

Freya’s first finger knitting project

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