Loving by the sea has, as you would imagine, caught the children’s nautical imaginations.

This week we planned an outing to CretAquarium to explore the underwater world and see how life is sustained beneath the seas.

Flossy’s favorite learning was watching how turtles lay their eggs under the sand, the witnessing them emerge and head for the sea…. she watched the video all the way through three times questioning every aspect in detail.

Freya says her favorite learning was about the octopus we met who had climbed into a tiny gap I the rocks. While we watched he/she emerged, stretched and demonstrated its swimming skills before heading back to its tiny crevice.

Mummy’s favorite learning was watching the cattle fish change its camouflage as it swam over the different seabed materials set up for the purpose.

Daddy was enchanted by the ‘dancing crab’, complete with his whistling musical accompaniment.

Felicity ran around the whole time with a look of awe on her face 🙂 magical day!

We plan to use the information we gathered about the length of time it takes for items to biodegrade as the launch point for a sustainability unit… watch this space!

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