Yes day!

It all started, as it so often does, with a book!

Yes Day!

We read Yes Day as a family and ever since have been planning to have one… when we had time, when we had the money, when we had the patience, when we could fit it in….

The premise is that whatever the kids ask on the day, the answer has to be ‘yes!’

Well, Nick created an ‘end of term’ quiz to review learning and check in progress. The girls formed a team ‘The Christmas Squirrels’ and pub quiz style worked through the challenges.

Nick had a layered prize approach which he shared:

20 points each – a toy from the charity shop

25 points each – a trip to the cake shop

30 points each – a yes day!

They nailed it and scored 72 points as a team!

We spoke to them about some ground rules:

– we don’t have much money

– no one can get hurt

– we need to all agree on some activities so we can do things together

They were amazing!

What amazing small humans they are growing up into. They asked for:

  • Pizza for breakfast
  • Reading time with Mummy
  • Play doh time
  • A Christmas movie
  • Ice cream
  • Cereal for lunch
  • Pork chops and mash for dinner
  • Meringues
  • Time in the playground
  • A movie before bed

How delightfully innocent and heart warming. We had the most wonderful day 🙂

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