Funding our homeschooling journey – a new initiative:-)

Having resigned from my job and still struggling with work related anxiety and depression it is hard to imagine going back to working 60 hour weeks in education.

Following some amazing advice from my counselor (Maria Tansey in Dubai if you need a recommendation for a life coach?) I started channeling my creative energies to try and find some peace from my negativity.

I used this blog as a creative and emotional outlet and also started using my previous arty background to create positive mantras and messages using my IPad.

6 months on and I have created about 200 mantras and designs on Paper 365, a free App, and my IPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

My aim was to create the messages that I could never find for my team, my friends and my family:

Inspirational quotes,

Positive feedback,

Motivational moments

Happy heart warming thoughts to lift spirits

Sending sunshine and rainbows
Christmas collection

With Nick’s help, I found a printer distributer in Hampshire and have set up a Shopify store.

Kate’s Cute Cards have become a reality.

This is what I posted on social media:

Very proud, overwhelmed, emotional and excited to share my new business venture with you all.

Many of you will know that I have been making my own hand drawn cards for years because I’ve never been able to find quite the right quote or sentiment on the high street or online.

Using a free app and my iPad I have converted many of my original designs into hand drawn cards that can now be purchased here through my Spotify Store. Prices include postage to your delivery address, so there are no hidden costs.

As a new, nervous and anxious to learn start up I would love to hear your feedback, advice and ideas.

New quotes are welcomed, new design ideas sought and feedback to help me learn actively sought.

Please share far and wide so that other people can browse, buy or benefit from the cards.

In a world where you can be anything… Be kind…. this is my new baby and it is terrifying out it ‘out there’!

Please share, sign up for updates and keep an eye out for new designs 💕 Kate Fuller

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