To be online, or not to be online, that is the question

Online Learning

Should you use the screen or not…. that is the question… update on our findings!

We have three children, there are only two of us and therefore there is always a challenge when it comes to one to one time and a quiet space for learning.

Unless someone is with Felicity keeping her occupied and quiet no learning can happen !

Trust us… we have tried!

So, either one of the big girls goes with Fliss so that the other can study, or both study at the same time, meaning someone needs to be independently engaged.

Sounds easy… it’s not!

I’ll write a real truths blog sometime about what it actually looks like when homeschooling goes wrong, for now, believe me when I say online learning has been much more of a success than we could ever have expected.

Glossy is incredibly engaged, with Mathletics in particular, she has already completed all of her age appropriate activities, games and tests and it is only November… she finds some of the games on Nessy a bit scary but is still very motivated to complete the tasks.

Freya doesn’t like getting anything wrong, but apart from some perfectionist issues she has loved the time working on the IPad.

The National Curriculum references ensure that we are covering everything that we should be and supports us with explaining some of the more challenging ‘rules’ of the English language… mostly!

Finally, we also get a touch typing course with Nessy which I introduced the girls to this week. They really enjoyed using the keyboard we have to accompany the IPad (it’s just the right size) to carry out the lesson tasks then play the associated games.

So, do we approve, for learning yes.

They don’t have their own, they don’t watch YouTube or movies, there is only WiFi when our hotspot is turned on and we monitor all their activities.

I’m not sure our ‘school’ would be anywhere near as successful without it!

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