Risk taking

One of the best things we are finding about home schooling is the incredible bond between the girls.

Freya and Flossy are 21 months apart in age and they completely ignore this most of the time, Flossy raising her game to meet Freya and Freya being inclusive of Flossy.

This week there was an amazing example of where their differences were highlighted, yet overcome.

We were watching the sailing race taking place out in the bay. Now it is winter all of the umbrellas and sun beds have been removed and the service lines dig up to protect them from the storms.

Freya was happily jumping from the sea wall into the sand. It was quite a way, but Freya is 125cm tall so made it look easy.

Flossy (105cm) stood and watched, inched to the edge, considered it and stepped back again.

Freya came up alongside her and held her hand. She counted down from three then they both jumped together. Freya cheering Flossy all the way.

Flossy went on to jump down again and again full of the joy of overcoming her fear and being brave, cheered on by her big sister every time.


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