Taking responsibility

Not long after dad does the local dog shelter put an emergency call out. A puppy that had been abandoned then brought to the shelter was being repeatedly attacked by the other dogs. They needed an emergency foster family to save her from being killed.

Caz spoke to Hector’s House and told them that if she got on with her other two dogs, then she could come and stay with her.

Inky, because her nose looks like it’s been dipped in ink, was a sad state of affairs on arrival.

Inky soon after her arrival

She had a huge hole in her paw, a scar on her hip and numerous stitches from where she has been attacked.

Freya and Inky took a shine to each other on sight.

Since then, Freya has been helping Caz with the dog walks most days, taking Inky’s lead and helping to socialize her and build up her confidence with children.

Lovely bond

She has learnt about taking care for a dog and how to take responsibility for someone other than yourself.

Flossy has been copying and has been walking Ivie on her lead too 🙂

Hector’s House are still looking for a home for Inky, she is delightful and would be a great addition to a family with kids. Let me know if you are interested and we can make an introduction:-)

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