Creating a love for books

We are book lovers in our family.

When we left Dubai we sold 700 children’s books! That still left us with over 250 that we have brought on the journey with us. About 150 are in the caravan and a further 100 are in storage with Banny and Bumpa.

In a technological age the love of a good book is something to behold.

All the girls have a favorite book, preferred author and passion for the written word… this has not happened by accident.

We read at least three books every night – picture books in the main, although Freya has moved into chapter books now and we have just finished the first two Harry Potter books with her, the Christmasaurus and now 101 Dalmatians. For her learning boom she is co-reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Flossy is working through the Orchard Reading Tree Early Reader set with Biff and Chip and Felicity can recite ‘Pass The Jam Jim’ almost by heart.

We read to the girls, we read with the girls and they see us reading for pleasure too.

We base learning around books, value books and explore bookstores whenever we have the chance.

Start early, be consistent, read yourself and enjoy the sharing of a good book – all too soon they will be reading to themselves in their rooms rather than on your lap 🙂

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