Creating opportunities for maths for the whole family

If you have children of various ages it can be more difficult to do home learning as a family. We have a 2, 4 and 6 year old so find that maths is particularly challenging.

One activity that has become a firm favourite is making our own ‘Snakes and Ladders’ games.

This allows the 6 year old to use numbers into the 100s if she makes a large board, gets the 4 year old writing her numerals and develops the baby’s fine motor skills.

Once the games are made they can be decorated with ladders and snakes, coloured in and generally made appealing.

We play with a variety of different maths rules to make it more challenging or more simple for different players.

Flossy is consolidating her number bonds to 10 so, when she rolls a 4 she moves 6, if she rolls 2, she moves 8 etc. This could also be done with number bonds to 20. (roll 4 move 16 etc.)

Freya is learning her 2x table so, on her large board with numbers to 200+ she can move 12 if she scores 6, 10 for 5 etc.

If you prefer not to make the boards, then you can just ramp up any much loved game by making up the dice rules according to your child’s learning focus…. There are loads of fun adaptations.


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