Making writing (more) fun. Spelling

Any parent who is home schooling for the first time, or even after months and months, will know there are so many frustrations to over come.

One of the most frustrating is watching your child writing.

It is slow, it is laborious the spelling is atrocious, the punctuation has gone to pot and you have to remind them to keep writing every 5 seconds,,,, sound familiar?

Sorry to say that there is no miracle cure. We have however developed, discovered and demonstrated some things that have made writing at home more ‘fun’


Freya, our six year old, can write the same word, incorrectly in five or more different ways in the same piece of writing – so frustrating to watch.

The first thing to say is that we believe it is more important that Freya writes, and enjoys writing, that she spells things correctly all the time. I would always rather she used the word ‘phenomenal’ spelt incorrectly than ‘good’ spelt right!

That said, there is no excuse for the misspelling of common words that we know we have taught her.

One way we make her (and her four year old sister Flossy) engage with her spelling is through wordsearches.

We read a new book, collect words we know and don’t know, and I create a word search using them. Freya makes word searches for Flossy too using her ‘Read with Biff and Chip” books – currently level 3.

This works on a number of levels:

  • Freya has to read the word to find it
  • She needs to carefully study how it is spelt to find it in the word search
  • She needs to check she has circled all the letters by referring back to the word list

You could make them for your child, they could make them for you, you could make them on the computer and email them to friends, you could take photographs and WhatsApp them to parent groups – lots of ways to share ideas and get spelling more secure for common and new words!

It is a ‘fun’ way to make spelling more interesting that engages the brain.

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