Making writing (more) fun. Jokes

We are always looking for authentic reasons to write that motivate and engage our six year old. Admittedly, some days there aren’t many!

A great example that may help any of you with reluctant writers came to light this week.

Freya’s best friend, Theo, still lives in Dubai. This week saw Theo turning seven and we wanted to make sure we marked the occasion.

In addition to making and writing the usual greeting card, always loads of learning to be incorporated here, Freya (with a little encouragement and scaffolding) decided she wanted to make Theo a joke book for his birthday.

Since getting a joke book for Christmas she has been obsessed with reading, writing and making up jokes for the whole family about a whole range of subjects.

For Theo, Freya; designed a front cover, wrote her jokes in draft independently, edited them with support, wrote them up in to ‘best’ in her book then completed illustrations for each of them.

We then photographed each of the pages and sent them along with his card for his birthday.

This was a really motivating activity with a genuine purpose that brought great joy.

Perhaps your child could write a joke book for a friend, or a group of children could collaborate on a team book using online tools like google docs?

Enjoy answering to ‘knock knock’ for the rest of week 🙂

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